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Our top priority is to protect human life. The value of life exceeds all other values. From this vantage point, farmer’s insurance assumes equal significance. The UIC provides you with cost-effective farmer insurance plans with excellent benefits.

The Farmers Insurance Group of Companies was established in 1928 and now serves about 10 million households. It does not offer homeowners insurance in every state, but it does have coverage in many of them. More than 19 million policies are stored there, and it serves more than 9 million customers.

Benefits of insurance to farmers

In addition to peace of mind, the following benefits are available to your company: Group Life, Optional Life, Dental, Extended Health Care, Disability Coverage, Critical Illness, Employee Assistance Program, and Group Retirement Solutions.

“If your farm is expanding, the time has come to reap the benefits”

The sale closing date of your Federal Crop Insurance Policy is the deadline for beginning farmer and rancher benefit applications. You must list any prior farming or ranching experience that you may have had. To qualify for the benefit for that crop year, the application must be submitted before the sales deadline.

Farmers Insurance Group

American insurer Farmers Insurance Group (also known as Farmers) offers other insurance and financial services products in addition to insuring cars, houses, and small businesses. Around 21,000 people work for Farmers Insurance, which has more than 48,000 exclusive and independent agents. Farmers is the trade name for three mutual insurers that are owned by their policyholders.


filing grievances with state insurance departments

Washington and Oregon’s state insurance departments received the most complaints about Farmers Insurance in 2006.


  • Because the accident was allegedly deliberately caused by another driver in 2005, the company declined to pay a claim related to the car accident.
  • Washington state ordered Washington to pay the claim despite farmers’ protests.
  • Current and former employees of Farmers allege that they were denied overtime pay and meal breaks, and they have filed a putative class action lawsuit against the company.
  • In June 2016, Farmers agreed to settle the class action for $4 million in exchange for a number of future changes to their employment policies.
  • Farmers also agreed to settle the case as a whole.


Available coverage tiers are three.

Discounts for owning a more recent home, timely payment of bills, and other factors

Among the businesses in our ranking, some of the most affordable rates can be found.


Not accessible in every state…

What options are there for homeowners’ insurance coverage with Farmers?

The following is what you’ll receive from Farmers with a standard policy:

  • If your home is damaged in a covered claim, dwelling coverage will rebuild or repair it.
  • In the event of a claim, you may be eligible for additional living expenses (ALE) coverage to aid in covering the cost of temporary housing and food.
  • Personal property insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing your home’s furniture, appliances, clothing, and other belongings.
  • Liability insurance helps with medical and legal costs associated with someone getting hurt on your property or with damage being done to someone else’s property if you are found to be at fault.
  • Farmers excludes coverage for earthquakes and floods, like the majority of insurance providers.

What Savings on Homeowners’ Insurance Does Farmers Offer?

Farmers provides a number of discounts for homeowners’ insurance. You may be able to save money by combining your homeowners’ insurance with another Farmers policy, such as auto. Even if you’re a relatively new customer of Farmers, you may qualify for a discount if you’ve been claim-free for three or more years.

What Other Homeowners’ Insurance Coverages Does Farmers Offer?

The company offers a range of optional coverages, such as increased personal property and liability. A tool for estimating coverage costs is available on the company’s website. Farmers firmly advises clients to go over their options with a representative.

  • A standard Farmers homeowner’s policy typically covers minor water damage from events like a burst pipe.
  • Insurance against earthquake damage: The majority of insurance companies, including Farmers, won’t cover your home if it is damaged or destroyed by an earthquake under a standard policy.
  • Farmers provides the specialized coverage that is necessary.
  • Identity theft: Farmers Identity Shield provides up to $28,500 in expenses and up to $1,500 in indemnity coverage to assist in covering losses brought on by identity theft.
  • When the cost of a covered loss exceeds the liability coverage limits of your standard homeowners policy, auto insurance policy, or any other qualifying policy that offers personal liability coverage, you may need additional coverage known as umbrella coverage.

How do I purchase homeowners’ insurance from Farmers?

By getting in touch with a local Farmers agent, calling Farmers’ toll-free number, or requesting a quote online, you can purchase Farmers homeowners insurance. You will require the property’s address, information on its age, condition, and any most recent repairs or upgrades, as well as the day you want coverage to begin.
When you’re prepared to request a quote, proceed as follows:

  • Visit the Farm
  • ERS website to find a representative or request a quote.
  • Choose whether you want to speak with a nearby agent or request a quote online.
  • Be ready to share information about the property, such as its age, the type and age of the roof, the type of foundation, and how far it is from the nearest fire station or water hydrant.
  • Give the details of your current insurance as well as your insurance history, including any claims you may have filed.
  • Farmers will provide you with a quote and assist you in buying a policy once you have provided all the necessary information.

How do I submit a claim for homeowners’ insurance to Farmers Insurance?

  • You can contact Farmers directly by phone, speak with your local agent, begin the process online, or use the mobile app to submit a claim for homeowners insurance.
  • To file your claim, take the following actions: A police report to be filed
  • Contact the police if there has been any criminal damage, such as theft or vandalism. Talk to farmers.
  • Launch the claims procedure as soon as you can.
  • You can do this by calling Farmers Claims, contacting your agent, or going to the Farmers website or mobile app.
  • Track down the damage.
  • If you can, capture the damage on camera and in photos.
  • Do not forget to review the video from any security cameras you may have.
  • Do immediate repairs.
  • Try to stop any further damage if you can do so safely.


The Farmers Insurance Group of Companies was established in 1928 and serves about 10 million households. A standard Farmers homeowners’ insurance policy typically covers minor water damage from events like a burst pipe. The company offers a range of optional coverages, such as increased personal property and liability. Federal Crop Insurance Policy is the deadline for beginning farmer and rancher benefit applications.

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